Polysafe Level Crossing Systems

Polysafe Level Crossing Systems

Dominating the railway level crossings market in the UK since the mid 1970s, the Bomac design was combined with modern materials in 1990 by Polysafe. The result was a level crossing system that key stakeholders in the rail network were looking for: reliable, durable, cost-effective, easy to maintain and above all – extremely safe.

The same qualities are in demand today with much higher volumes and speeds of road and rail traffic and the Polysafe system continues to meet this demand. Using the latest in Polymer Concrete technology and a design that eliminates problems associated with systems that are supported by sleepers and/or ballast, the Polysafe system has evolved to meet today’s demands.

And because Polysafe is a UK-based company, manufacturing their own product in the UK, turnaround times are quick and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

A quality product is critical, and the following accreditations held by Polysafe ensure the highest standards are maintained:

  • Network Rail approved supplier – the UK rail system is vast, and inevitably the standards required to be an approved supplier are stringent.
  • BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 – the internationally recognised sign of high quality has been held for many years.
  • RISQS verified supplier – assurance that you are dealing with a company of high integrity and standards.


Steel Framed Concrete Panels

Polysafe's steel framed concrete panels are heavy duty panels that give excellent performance in terms of strength, durability and grip. Introduced in 1991, the Polysafe panel built on the design of the original Bomac panel and …

Steel Framed Polymer Panels

Polysafe's steel framed polymer panels are the most heavy duty modular panels on the market and give unrivalled performance in terms of strength and grip. The panels are also very durable and will outlast most …

Pedestrian and Bridleway Panels

The Polysafe Pedestrian and Bridleway system uses revolutionary lightweight panels and edge beams. Every component weighs less than 60kg so it can be fitted manually by two people without the need for expensive machinery. It is …

Temporary Access Panels

No matter how many times panels will be used, they need to be fit for purpose and safe - a heavy vehicle does not need less support if it is only crossing once. An easy to …

Special Shape Panels & Non-UK Panels

Although most track crossings comply with the relevant Railtrack (now Network Rail) Line Specification, some are sited in more unusual places (e.g. highly curved track). If you have a requirement for a bespoke crossing, please contact …

Kerbs - Edge Beams - Cill Beams

Also known as edge beams, cill beams, Bomac kerbs or edge kerbs, these are reinforced concrete kerbs used to support the cess, 6 foot or outer panels for both Polysafe and Bomac level crossings. The type …

Ground Beams

The Polysafe Ground Beam was designed to complement the range of concrete kerbs (also known as edge beams, cill beams, Bomac kerbs or edge kerbs). These are reinforced concrete beams with a galvanised steel road plate …

Securing Device - End Restraint

Prevention of panel gaps was a long standing challenge for level crossing suppliers. This was successfully overcome by Polysafe securing devices / end restraints, which secure the whole level crossing into place giving no lateral panel …

Rubber Wedges

As well as ensuring a tight fit to the rail and providing shock absorption, the special rubber wedges completely insulate the steel frame of the panel, preventing short-circuiting. The short Bomac wedges of the 1970s and …

Lifting Equipment

Panel Lifters Also known as Bowmac lifters or Bowmac lifting chains, panel lifters are specially designed to make the lifting of Polysafe or Bomac panels as easy as possible and minimise installation times. Safety is critical …


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