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On-Site Workforce Management Solutions and Software

MacRail has been helping Principal Rail Contractors to manage their work sites for over a decade. Our bespoke software and highly trained staff put us in the unique position of being able to satisfy our clients’ requirements exactly. Our products and services can help you achieve targets, keep your workforce safe and mitigate risks.

No matter how big or small your project, MacRail can help you get the most from your work force. Whether that’s managing your Lone Workers, signing in your work force on a track renewal or Blockade, or facilitating Project Management via Silver Command, we have solutions to fit whatever type of Access Control and Site Management problems you may have.

On Demand Access, On-Site Welfare Unit and Vehicles, Manage Workload and Resources – On-site workforce management solutions from wherever you are.

  • Site Welfare: On-site welfare units and vehicles.
  • Site Access Solution: A site safety and access solution.
  • MacRail Control Room: A 24/7 remote site access solution.

Effectively managing your worksite saves time and money whilst increasing the productivity and performance of your workers.

It ensures you get the right people, on the right job at the right time.

Manage Worker Fatigue, Create Better Rosters, Decrease Fatigue Related Incidents – Our software solutions are easy to use and effective.

  • Fatigue360: A fatigue risk management solution.
  • Worksite360: A worksite management solution.

Plan and manage an entire job with a full view of the landscape across all of your workers, before, after and during the job.


Control Room

Remotely Managing and Monitoring Your Worksites Understanding who is on your site, when they entered and left and how the project is progressing is something all worksites should manage and monitor. The MacRail Control Room offers …

Site Access Control

The Gatekeeper To Your Worksite Site Access Controllers (SAC) act as the gatekeeper to your worksite, recording everything that occurs on your worksite from sign in to sign out. A Site Access Controller acts as worksites administration …

Site Welfare

Accessible On-site Welfare Units and Vehicles Providing static and mobile worksites with accessible on-site welfare units and vehicles. Site welfare is important for the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce, ensuring access to water, power and …


Effectively managing your worksite saves time and money whilst increasing the productivity, safety and progress of your workers. It focuses on getting the right people, on the right job at the right time. Worksite360 provides a …

Fatigue 360

With the average worker spending a minimum of 9 hours of their day working and commuting, organisations need to be aware of the impact fatigue can have on their workforce. Employers not only have a …


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