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Contract Packing of Hygiene, Cleaning and Care Products for the Airline and Railway industry, Product Sourcing, Bespoke Requirement Fulfilment, Bottle Filling, Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution

Direct Distribution Services is an established company with more than 25 years of experience supplying quality passenger service products to airlines, private jet companies, railway and ferry operators as well as hotels and restaurants across the globe. And more recently to the leisure industry, film production companies, schools and hospitals.

Based on principles of sound customer service, top quality products and second to none responsiveness and support, the company has grown steadily since its inception. Through our experience working within the passenger service industry, we are able to evolve to suit any changing need that may arise.

Many of the world’s leading carriers and distributors enjoy cost effective product & supply chain solutions. We provide stability, reliability, best practices and solutions to meet ever changing challenges and the vision to be innovative to achieve the required outcome. Through our continuous manufacturing and product sourcing ethos we provide a trusted and reliable service and can manage the total end to end supply chain process.

We specialise in contract packing and bottle filling that can be tailored to fit any requirement to name but a few from Bio-Hazard Precautionary Kits, Passenger Personal Kits, Stain removers to Hand Sanitisers and Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Sprays. These can be customised with your brand and logo.

Direct Distribution Services are proud to support a circular economy. Our sustainable ethos and values include developing and sourcing products that have a reduction in plastic packaging, encourage the use of natural and sustainable fibres for instance our hot and cold towels now incorporate the use of bamboo fibres. Our bespoke wrapping and packing service for cutlery and glassware ensure all items are packaged in sustainable textile and eco-card and paper.

We are proud to be a BS EN ISO 9001 Approved Company and a member of SEDEX, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains.


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Company Profile

  • Passenger Product – Contract Packing of Hygiene, Cleaning and Care Products

    We prioritise the comfort of passengers which is why we ensure high quality products such as sickness bags, hot and cold towels, glassware, cutlery sets, cutlery pouches, spill kits and toilet kits and more. We provide a bespoke service for all your contract packing needs.

    We are confident that these products will serve your purpose and more.

    We also offer PPE products such as Vinyl powder free gloves, disposable aprons and surgical face masks to ensure your passengers and crew safety.

  • Product Sourcing

    Direct Distribution Services offers unique, bespoke supplies tailored specifically for commercial passenger travel, including commercial airlines, VIP and private and luxury jet customers. We work closely with our suppliers to keep our customers satisfied with cost effective and eco-friendly solutions. Our team will carefully source your product ensuring quality raw materials are only used to ensure sustainable production methods and excellent quality control to guarantee customer satisfaction. For example, Air Sickness bags Cutlery wrapping, personal care kits, textiles including cotton napkins, bamboo hot and cold towels, napkin sleeves and paper pouches tailored to suit your specific requirements

    Our sustainable ethos and values include developing and sourcing products that have a reduction in plastic packaging, natural and sustainable fibres for our hot and cold towels incorporating the use of bamboo fibres and also packaging in eco card and paper.

  • All Travel Hygiene Products – Bottle Filling

    DDS offers versatile cleaning and disinfection solutions for use on board and on ground, providing protection against virus, fungus and bacteria.

    Our Hygiene Products include:

    • Hand Sanitizer 70% alcohol based with added skin moisturisers and proven to kill 99.99% of germ and viruses
    • Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Sprays proven to be effective against viruses, germs, fungus and bacteria on hard and soft surfaces.
    • Air Fresheners with a light fragrance to harness strong smells and refresh with a pleasant aroma
    • Odour Eliminators to mask unpleasant and strong odours perfect for use in kitchen, room or toilets.

    Which are filled in house in the UK. Available in different bottle sizes and enclosures up to 500ml, which can be branded. These items are essential and totally indispensable.

    • Aircraft Insecticide formulation contains a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved active substance which is non-flammable and ozone friendly and meets the recommendations for aircraft disinsection insecticides.
    • Stain removal wipes – perfect for removal of stains caused by accidents and spills in an emergency
    • Multi use cleaning wipes for smartphones, e-readers, tablets, screens, keyboards, notebooks, surfaces, toilet seats etc.
    • Hot and Cold Disposable Towels, our towels are presented beautifully in trays with matching tongs and now also available in bamboo material which is extra soft and eco-friendly.
    • Bio hazard, Cabin and Toilet, Personal and Precautionary kits. Bespoke and tailored to individual client requirements.
    • Air Sickness Bags offered in block bottom and side gusset
  • Warehousing and Distribution

    Benefit from our years of experience in presenting, warehousing, storage and distributing a wide range of products for some of the most demanding customers in the business.


Amenity Kit

Bespoke amenity kits catered to your own branding and logo. Contains Bamboo dental kit with Colgate as well as an eye mask and ear plugs. Please email /telephone to discuss your requirements.

Sky Blue Cleaning Wipe

Multi- purpose sanitising, cleaning wipe suitable for all surfaces including general equipment. Ideal for use on communication equipment, tablet, computer and phone. 100% Biodegradable Wipe. Certified to EN1276 – Contains antibacterial properties.  

Sky Blue Anti-Static Wet and Dry Screen Wipes

Suitable for cleaning all types of screens, anti-static and smear free finish. Ideal for use on all types of screens including computer screens, TV’s, onboard panels, laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. 100% Biodegradable Wipe. Certified to EN1276 – …

Non-woven White Disposable Pillow Case Covers

Available in 25, 30 & 35gsm with or without flap Material Composition: SBPP – spun bound poly propylene Packaging 100pcs per poly bag – 10 polybags per carton MOQ and price on application

Universal Precautionary Kit

To ensure passenger and crew safety, this comprehensive kit provides reassurance and safety to minimise the incidence of cross-infection from body fluids, toxic waste or other liquid spills. These kits can be customised to your own …

Hot & Cold Towels

Our refreshing hot or cold towels are presented in an array of trays with matching tongs and can be infused with a scent of your choice. They are convenient to store and disposable to keep …

Sickness Bags

Our sickness bags are designed for passengers for use in case of motion sickness and come in different sizes and can be square block bottom, pinch bottom or with a side gusset, customised to your …

Coronavirus Precautionary Kit

To ensure passenger and crew safety, this handy little kit provides reassurance and safety to minimise the incidence of cross-infection on your journey.


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