RECYFIX MONOTEC at Bristol Parkway Station, UK

Company HAURATON GmbH & Co. KG
Date 21.09.2023

The Project

Bristol Parkway, on the South Wales Main Line, is in the Stoke Gifford area in the northern suburbs of the Bristol conurbation.

It is 112 miles (180 km) from London Paddington.

The station was opened in 1972 by British Rail, and was the first in a new generation of park and ride / parkway stations.

It is the third-most heavily used station in the West of England local authority area, after Bristol Temple Meads and Bath Spa.

There are four platforms, and a well-equipped waiting area. The station is managed by Great Western Railway, who provide most of the trains at the station, with CrossCountry providing the rest.

Electrification using 25 kV 50 Hz AC overhead system reached Bristol Parkway in late 2018, and electric trains in the Swindon and London direction commenced passenger service on 30 December 2018. This was part of the 21st-century modernisation of the Great Western Main Line.

The Requirement

During the modernisation project, platforms were refurbished, requiring an efficient and cost-effective surface drainage system.

New electrified lines were to be introduced, so the linear drainage system needed to be safe and secure for passengers waiting for trains.

Our Solution

Cat Jones (Project Manager, South West England) worked closely with both the project engineer and contractor.

RECYFIX MONOTEC 200 was selected for good reason.

RECYFIX MONOTEC 200 is a single ‘monolithic’ channel system manufactured from high-performance composites (recycled PP TV 30 / PP GF 30).

The system has a large drainage capacity in relation to its construction footprint. Providing both efficient drainage and high-capacity attenuation on site, use of RECYFIX MONOTEC meant that the size of associated pipework could be reduced, so reducing total installed cost of the drainage system.

The system is fully corrosion resistant (no oxidation), maintaining its aesthetic appearance within a none-trafficked application.

A fully composite system, RECYFIX MONOTEC is none-conducting and anti-static, avoiding the need for expensive earthing works and providing a safe environment for travellers on platforms close to electrified lines.

Lightweight and compact units with simple, precise channel joint design allows for quick, easy installation and perfect surface alignment.

Injection moulded from recycled composite material, RECYFIX MONOTEC is also 100% recyclable.

None-removable integral gratings are HeelSafe, anti-slip and anti-theft, providing a stable, safe and secure surface environment for pedestrians.

RECYFIX MONOTEC is UV and temperature stable, and resistant to frost, salts, fuels and oils. The system is impact, chemical and corrosion resistant for low long-term maintenance costs.

With a strong, durable, rigid top-edge design RECYFIX MONOTEC is resilient to dynamic forces caused by turning wheels.

Installation time and cost savings can be achieved through ‘value-engineering’ on large external sites.

The consultant, contractor and client all achieve benefits through the use of RECYFIX MONOTEC.


Network Rail


Tony Gee & Partners


Bam Rail

HAURATON Product(s)


Approx. 184 metres of channel


Bristol, UK


September 2017

RECYFIX MONOTEC 200 installed at Bristol Parkway Station, UK

RECYFIX MONOTEC ‘monolithic’ linear drainage system


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