One Works to lead architectural design of new Tel Aviv Metro Line

Company One Works
Date 19.09.2023

Launched by NTA – Metropolitan Transit System Ltd, the prestigious contract concerns the engineering services, from design to construction, and management of the highly anticipated Tel Aviv Metro M3 Line. 

One Works will be leading the architectural design for 25 new stations and the associated public spaces for the new Tel Aviv Metro M3, working with MLEAD. MLEAD – a joint venture including Israeli consultants Inproject Davelman Perzlina, Mahod Engineering, and the distinguished French engineering and project management firm, Artelia, successfully secured the international tender for the design and construction management of Tel Aviv’s new Metro line. The awarding of this contract was formally announced by NTA–Metropolitan Transit System Ltd, the governing agency overseeing transport development. 

Semi-circular in shape, the M3 Line will stretch 39km and will include significant interchange stations with the M1 Blue line at Glilot and Holon Yoseftal, as well as the M2 Brown line at Kfar Ganim. Upon completion, this new line is poised to offer unparalleled connectivity for approximately 480,000 daily passengers, bridging them to major employment zones and to Israeli International Airport within the metropolitan area. 

Israel’s Tel Aviv Metro project stands out as the nation’s pinnacle public transportation endeavor. It promises a transformative overhaul of the regional transportation infrastructure, ushering in a myriad of benefits for the populace. Among these are improved mobility, streamlined access to job hubs, decreased vehicular emissions, and an overall upliftment in the quality of life for the citizens of Israel. 

Furthermore, the metro initiative seeks to augment the urban landscape of 9 districts along the line. It’s envisaged to incorporate premium sustainable urban designs and architectural elements, seamlessly blending with the transportation enhancements. Such initiatives underscore the metro’s overarching mission: fostering new developmental hubs and amplifying the availability of prime, accessible real estate within the metropolis. 

Contributing to a vital part of the growth of Tel Aviv is an honor. As the city continues to evolve and flourish, transport hubs play a crucial role in facilitating connectivity, enhancing the visitor experience, and embracing the essence of this dynamic city.” expressed Giulio de Carli, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at One Works. “Delivering the architectural design for the M3 Metro Line means that One Works will have the opportunity to shape spaces that harmoniously blend functionality, sustainability, and captivating design, as well as aspire to create transport hubs that not only connect people but also act as catalysts for the city’s growth, forging a strong and lasting impression on all who pass through. 

Line M3 is one of a three-line masterplan (M1, M2, and M3). Collectively, this grand design is set to introduce 150 km of subterranean transit network, 109 stations, 24 integrated municipalities, and four depots. The total estimated cost for this expansive infrastructure is pegged at around 40 billion euros. Post-implementation, Tel Aviv foresees a robust 30% surge in public transportation usage, translating to a daily ridership of two million passengers.  


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