HAURATON at Worms Hauptbahnhof, Germany

Company HAURATON GmbH & Co. KG
Date 22.08.2023

Next Stop, Worms Central Station!

Railway projects have high demands and multiple requirements regarding drainage of busy platforms and public spaces, including:

  • Quick, efficient drainage of surface water
  • High safety standards
  • Shallow installation depths
  • Aesthetic appearance in keeping with the stations design
  • Strong, durable, practical systems

Worms Hauptbahnhof is one of two passenger railway stations in the Rhenish Hesse city of Worms, Germany.

A recent project included refurbishment of 410 metres of platform area.

RECYFIX PRO 150 and 200 drainage channels fitted with FIBRETEC composite gratings were installed.

This system is ideal for providing safe and effective surface drainage on platforms adjacent to electrified lines, due to the following:

  • None-conducting, anti-static (no earthing work required)
  • Corrosion free (unaffected by regular de-icing in winter)
  • High intake capacity
  • HeelSafe and anti-slip
  • Strong, durable, impact resistant
  • Low long-term maintenance costs
  • Shallow inverts for platform construction

Also available in a range of colours to complement the station design.

If ever there was a product perfectly suited to a safe and secure railway platform environment, this is it.

RECYFIX PRO with FIBRETEC has been installed at numerous railway stations around the world.

System Supplied 

RECYFIX PRO 150 and 200 fitted with FIBRETEC Gratings


Every so often you come across a project photo that emphasises how perfect a product is for its application. RECYFIX PRO Drainage Channel with FIBRETEC Composite Gratings for Railway Platforms.


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