Handle-iT: Stop Theft with REAL Security Cages

Company Handle-iT Ltd
Date 12.08.2021
Stop Theft with REAL Security Cages
As a rule, we generally find that the obvious security risks are well considered, cameras where cash is handled, fuel cards or accounts for fuel, clocking in machines for time.

However, very rarely do Company’s look after their stock, tools and assets as well as the cash, and lets face it the stock is not only your cash, but is also your future profits. Stock should have as much care taken if not more care than your cash, as you may have spent £1000 on your stock, but you will sell it for £1500…

Here at Handle-iT, we provide a myriad of transport and storage solutions, not only to reduce staff pilferage but also to provide safe handling solutions.

Look at things you move and store, and then consider their value to the eyes of a potential thief. Things like food, electronics, clothes, pharmaceuticals, building materials and even your customer data, can hold HUGE black market value. It is your responsibility not only to keep the assets safe, but also your teams moving these items.

Are you really doing enough?


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