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  • 2 channel speed sensors

    Sensor with HTL-/TTL-output signals Maintenance and wear-free operation due to contactless measurement of rotational movements Appropriate for tooth wheels, slotted discs and sprockets
  • Hall Effect Sensors

    HaslerRail has been supplying speed indicators and data recording systems, including Hall effect sensors, to the rail industry since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our devices and systems are in service around the globe. Features …
  • Speed Sensors

    Safety critical multi-channel sensors measure speed and direction, designed to operate in harsh environments and against a ferromagnetic steel target wheel. What do they do? For most applications speed sensors are designed to work against a ferromagnetic …
  • Network Master Clock - DTS 4801.masterclock

    The Network Master Clock DTS 4801.masterclock is developed especially for network environments. It is able to control conventional impulse clocks, self-setting MOBALine or IRIG-B / AFNOR slave clocks and is used as an accurate NTP …
  • Indoor DC Voltage and Current Sensors

    HaslerRail has been serving the rail industry since 1887. With thousands of installations in service worldwide, we have built up broad, deep knowledge of energy metering and management for rolling stock. Our indoor DC voltage …
  • CORRail®1000

    HaslerRail has been supplying speed indicators and data recording systems to the rail industry since 1887. Today, HaslerRail’s optical and contact-free CORRail®1000 speed sensor is unparalleled in terms of accuracy, precision and availability. Features / Benefits …
  • 1 or 2 channel speed sensor GEL 2471

    Sensor for electrically conductive measuring scales Up to 4 mm air gap Maintenance- and wear-free operation due to non-contact measurement of rotation Weight-saving construction due to light-weight target wheels made of e.g. aluminium Reinforced walls …
  • Cold Movement Detection SIL4

    HaslerRail has been providing speed evaluation systems for the rail industry since 1887, with tens of thousands of products in service worldwide. Our Cold Movement Detector is ideal for ETCS applications. Features / Benefits Proven technology …


1-2 of 2 results
  • Rowe Hankins Ltd

    Solutions for Rail Electrification, Signaling, Control and Communication Networks

    Rowe Hankins Ltd specialise in innovative on-train and trackside products for the world's railways. Rowe Hankins work closely with rolling stock manufacturers, fleet operators, track owners and infrastructure contractors. For over a quarter of a century, …
  • Lenord+Bauer

    Rugged sensors for rail vehicles

    Encoders used in rail vehicles need to be unaffected by dirt, oil and grease, rainwater, condensation, high and / or fluctuating temperatures, and shock and vibration, particularly in the unsprung parts of bogies. Lenord+Bauer sensors …
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