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  • Voice Dispatching System for Transportation Applications                                    

    In today’s world, voice dispatching solutions need to be interoperable with other IP based or non-IP systems, while protecting and integrating the existing communication investments of the organizations and states. ONUR’s Voice Dispatching System for Transportation …
  • Auriga: Level 1 and level 2 ETCS

    In order to provide an answer to the European Rail Traffic Management System (ETCS), we at CAF Signalling offer our AURIGA integrated solution. AURIGA ensures high-performance ETCS solutions both for Level 1 (AURIGA L1) and for …
  • NAOS: Integrated control posts

    NAOS is our solution for Integrated Multi-Function Control Posts as required by current Signalling, Command and Control Systems for Rail Infrastructures. Based on the PCCI Integration Platform developed by CAF Signalling, NAOS stands out for providing …
  • Rail Freight Transport

    WSP provides planning, design, and construction management services for any rail freight transport project. Trains made the industrial revolution possible. When goods need to be moved across long distances, few transportation modes can be as efficient …
  • Signalling products

    In order to improve safety, in addition to switch and signalling equipment, Vossloh also offers a wide range of safety products. Supplementing points systems and signalling systems, Vossloh offers manoeuvring systems with a complete range …
  • Aurigo ATO

    ATO over ERTMS Our ATO (Automatic Train Operation) solution provides a GoA2 (Grade of Automation) based on ERTMS Technical Specifications for Interoperability. The system is divided into two parts, the ATO trackside and the ATO on-board. ATO trackside …
  • Railway Safety

    Aarsleff Rail is approved to provide all types of railway safety services when working on and near tracks and stations in traffic in Denmark: planning of execution within the current Danish railway safety regulations preparation …
  • AUTOPROWA® - Automatic Warning System

    In many countries around the world the rail network is one of the main transport routes. Only in Germany approx. 39,000 trains move daily on the German network comprising more than 33,000 kilometres (source DB …
  • Flex Basic - Level Crossing (LX)

    The Flex level crossing system provides a SIL3 PLC based Level Crossing ideal for Automatic Full barrier (ABCL) or Half Barrier (AHB) with Wig Wag applications. The main benefits of the Flex level crossing system include: Upgradable …
  • Remote I/O Units

    HaslerRail offers broad, deep know-how in on-board control and protection systems for rail vehicles, offering a wide range of devices and solutions. Features / Benefits Long service history Modular architecture User-programmable (IEC 61131 languages) HaslerRail RaPLC-RIO devices …


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  • CAF Signalling

    Rail Traffic Signalling Systems

    At CAF Signalling, the technological subsidiary of CAF Group, we are focused on the design, development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of Rail Signalling Systems, thus providing integrated signalling solutions for infrastructures and rolling stock, both …
  • ONUR

    Voice Dispatching & Recording Solution for Rail Systems

    Founded in 1980, “ONUR Mühendislik A.Ş. (ONUR)” provides mission-critical systems and solutions for defence and civilian sector, with the vision of “having unique and advanced technology, to be a regional leader with professional engineering in Voice Communication, …
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