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  • Lenord+Bauer

    Rugged sensors for rail vehicles

    Encoders used in rail vehicles need to be unaffected by dirt, oil and grease, rainwater, condensation, high and / or fluctuating temperatures, and shock and vibration, particularly in the unsprung parts of bogies. Lenord+Bauer sensors …
  • Hasler Rail

    Innovating Electrical and Electronic Safety Components and Solutions for the Railway Industry

    Sécheron Hasler Group is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems for the railway industry and also provides solutions for renewable energy, DC grid, and other …

    Track inspection technologies

    ENSCO is an international leader in track inspection technologies. Our engineers have pioneered the use of technologies, such as advanced rail inspection sensors, high-resolution imaging technology, and autonomous inspection systems, to improve track maintenance. These …

    Track Fastening Systems, Concrete Ties, Switch Systems and Locomotives

    Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company. Rail infrastructure is the core business of the Group. We offer our customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source. We make an important contribution …


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  • 1 or 2 channel speed sensor

    Sensor with voltage output Low lifecycle costs for the vehicle operator due to high reliability Space-saving sensor in a compact design With lateral or straight cable outlet
  • 2 channel speed sensors

    Sensor with HTL-/TTL-output signals Maintenance and wear-free operation due to contactless measurement of rotational movements Appropriate for tooth wheels, slotted discs and sprockets
  • 1 or 2 channel speed sensor GEL 2471

    Sensor for electrically conductive measuring scales Up to 4 mm air gap Maintenance- and wear-free operation due to non-contact measurement of rotation Weight-saving construction due to light-weight target wheels made of e.g. aluminium Reinforced walls …
  • Temperature sensor

    Platinum resistance thermometer Pt100 / Pt1000 Measuring tube lengths from 30 mm to 140 mm Connection with 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology Fire behaviour according to DIN 5510 and NF F16-101 Custom configuration
  • Hall Effect Sensors

    HaslerRail has been supplying speed indicators and data recording systems, including Hall effect sensors, to the rail industry since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our devices and systems are in service around the globe. Features …
  • Odometry Solutions

    HaslerRail has been supplying speed indicators and data recording systems to the rail industry since 1887. Today, tens of thousands of our devices and systems are in service around the globe. Our speed sensors and …
  • SIL2 to SIL4 Functions

    Turn to HaslerRail for a range of approved safety functions acc. to EN-50126. Multiple functions up to SIL-4 are available incl. appropriate process management and system engineering. Features / Benefits SIL functions with long service history …
  • Automatic Inspection

    TTInspect contains the Aarsleff Rail product line of full-automatic inspection systems for trains and rail components. The unique systems combine advanced sensor technology with modern digital technology and automatically collect all relevant information about train and …
  • Signalling and rail monitoring systems

    Computer aided signalling systems Vossloh develops customized signalling systems for trams and trains, as well as for passenger and special goods transport. This includes computer aided relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems or diversion control …
  • Outdoor Integrated AC Voltage and Current Sensors

    HaslerRail has been serving the rail industry since 1887. With thousands of installations in service worldwide, we have built up broad, deep knowledge of energy metering and management for rolling stock. Our outdoor integrated AC …
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