Site Access Control


The Gatekeeper To Your Worksite

Site Access Controllers (SAC) act as the gatekeeper to your worksite, recording everything that occurs on your worksite from sign in to sign out.

A Site Access Controller acts as worksites administration centre, responsible for controlling site access and egress, collating progress information, composing real-time stakeholder reports and acting as the key point of contact for workers onsite.

Site Access Controllers not only record site activity they also promote the safety and security of your workforce and site. Many sectors, such as rail, require a auditable trail of who has entered and left a worksite, the use of a SAC will do this using our Worksite360 software resulting in all site access information being available to view online immediately.

SiteAccess Delivery Options

Our Worksite360 package has been developed to meet all client and project needs, catering for projects big and small. Depending on your worksite management needs you can access and use Worksite360 via the following methods:

Site Access Controller

MacRail will provide, in addition to the above, a Site Access Controller as a dedicated site resource to manage and monitor worksite activity and reporting on your behalf.

Mobile Control Room

In addition to a Site Access Controller a client can also request a MacRail Site Access van (a mobile office unit) to be placed on your worksite for the duration of the works.

Benefits of Site Access Control

Site Access Control allows worksite owners to manage and monitor their workforce and site through one key point of contact. Providing clients with safety and security whilst having the ability to access real-time project data, reports and progress. The key benefits of Site Access Control include:

  • Flexibility of use – SACs can be used for short or long-term consignments
  • Provides a dedicated on-site resource
  • Enhances site control, safety and security
  • Effective on-site communication
  • Includes full technology access and package (Worksite360)
  • Ensures thorough competency and access checks
  • Eliminates requirement for in-house resource
  • Provides an on-site support function for workforce