By combining our Dry Type Power Transformer with our Loadcentre, Baldwin and Francis Powercentres are designed and built to your specific needs. They are proven worldwide to offer effective solutions for all motor control requirements.

Built to your specifications

Our Powercentres are highly customisable and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. The main customisables are:-

  • SCADA interface as standard
  • Wheels, sleds, monorail or rubber tread carriers available
  • A range of flameproof circuit breakers and disconnect switches can be fitted
  • Flexible, open architecture control system with process visualisation
  • Multi-voltage operation with range of isolator options
Power Ratings and/any KVA up to 5000kVa
Vector group All
Primary Any voltage or combination of voltages up to 11,000 V nominal
Secondary Any voltage or combination of voltages up to 3,300 V nominal
HV Fittings/ Flameproof circuit breakers Y/N Yes
LV Fittings up to 20 drives
Protection relays as standard
Auxilairy supplies as standard