OSCAR - Predictive Condition Monitoring System


OSCAR is the latest predictive condition monitoring system from Progress Rail. It provides an automated maintenance reporting tool to predict problems with rolling stock and any other critical asset components. OSCAR acts as a repository for Asset Protection data.

For Asset Protection, Asset Utilisation and Asset Maintenance: OSCAR is the answer.

OSCAR collects, compiles, and analyses the data from various types of vehicle performance monitoring devices, both wayside and on-board to create a composite view of railway vehicle performance.

OSCAR provides a single interface to obtain all information about the health of the assets being monitored. The system allows users to drill down to existing interfaces from each of the asset protection systems.  OSCAR is a large warehouse of vehicle performance data, surrounded by application layers that allow users full access to performance data at the most beneficial and useful levels. The database is structured to allow the addition of new monitoring devices or new sources of data.

OSCAR reduces maintenance costs by lowering the incidence of unnecessary service on vehicles. It also enables higher utilization, and lower costs through scheduled maintenance at facilities when railcars are empty. In addition, OSCAR can monitor post maintenance performance to provide a quality control check on the maintenance performed.

When used in conjunction with software such as Progress Rail’s “Locomotive Information System” (LIS), OSCAR can also provide valuable information on locomotive and driver performance.

OSCAR is a powerful tool in analysing asset utilisation and performing predictive maintenance tasks. It has proven itself in the field with companies like BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group using this system to monitor their rail asset performance.

OSCAR’s ease of use and friendly interface make it readily accepted by users, allowing them to easily interrogate data or compile queries.

Features & Benefits


  • Asset Protection data repository system
  • Web based application – accessible anywhere
  • Collects information from Argus, LIS, WILD, BAM, Weighbridge, DED, SFD and other reporting systems
  • Provides history for each component of each asset
  • Tracks bearings, wheels or other components by serial
  • Automatically calculates maintenance alerts
  • Advanced search functions
  • Interfaces to client’s maintenance database


  • Predictive maintenance
  • Wear and utilisation trending
  • Lifespan performance reporting
  • Tracking on individual components
  • Configurable alerts, with filtering to users, groups or departments
  • Save frequent queries
  • Interactive data views, with drill-down, and data expansion
  • Automatic alerts and periodic reports
  • Allows comparisons against fleet averages

Benefits are derived through the delivery of the processed information as quickly as possible. Within the limits imposed by available telecommunications systems, OSCAR provides near real-time notification of important events on monitored vehicles to its users. This is particularly useful for maintenance crews to cull rail vehicles in need of immediate repair.



  • Fleet utilization
  • Maintenance planning
  • Improve maintenance regimes and training
  • Targeted training for personnel and divisions
  • Evaluate different suppliers and models
  • Customize automatic alerts for maintenance personnel

Analytical Personnel

  • Search/export component history

Maintenance Personnel

  • Analyze automated alerts
  • Search vehicle/component history
  • Compare data across multiple locations and data sources