MVB Boards

HaslerRail has been developing MVB communication technologies for car builders, integrators, and OEMs since TCN technology was introduced. Our MVB boards are flexible and configurable to meet a range your needs.

Features / Benefits

  • Easy OEM integration via RiCo API
  • Easy MVB configuration via Skipper PC SW
  • Flexible configuration of host ports
  • Programmable SoftPLC
  • Expert customer support
  • Worldwide after-sales service

HaslerRail’s RiCo001, RiCo004, and MVBRSG network controller modules are suitable for use as the communication core in on-board equipment. The modules support MVB, RS485, CAN, and Ethernet fieldbuses and are generally plugged into an application-specific carrier board that supplies power, the physical fieldbus connections (for RiCO001), and other application-specific resources.

For additional flexibility, the RiCo001 and RiCo004 modules can be programmed using the IEC 61131-3 set of languages; the MVB protocol can be configured via external development software.

The RiCo001 and RiCo004 SW also comes with an API to ensure host access to RiCo functions via Modbus from the board (host) interface ports.

Our customers can rely on HaslerRail dedicated teams to support them during all their project phases to recommend the most appropriate solutions for their applications.

  • Host ports: serial (UART), parallel, SPI master/slave, USB
  • Host interface connector: 2 x 30 (RiCo001) or 20 (RiCo004,MVBRSG) pin strip connector
  • Configuration of the host port: via mode pins on the host interface connector
  • MVB classes from 1 to 4
  • MVB physical interface support: EMD, ESD, ESD+ OPT
  • UART interface baud rate: from 9600 to 115200.
  • Temperature range : -40°C to +70°C
  • Power supply : 3.3V (RiCo001), 5V (RiCo004,MVBRSG)
  • Power consumption < 4 W
  • Weight : < 0,7Kg
  • RoHS compliant
  • Conformity : EN50155, EN61373, IEC 61375 , IEC 61131-3
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