Mobile Train Wash Plants


Aquafrisch designs, manufactures and supplies washing plants according to each customer’s specifications. In our designs we take into account both the space available and the type of trains to be washed.

The modularity of our plants allows us to adapt easily to the particular surfaces of each train model , being able to wash sides, front / back, shoulders, skirt and roof. As a provider of water treatment solutions, our plants include our own systems specifically designed for the recycling of water used in washing, either by chemical systems, physical systems or a combination of both.

We also include specific treatment of fresh water in order to demineralise it for use in the final stages of washing. We integrate the control of the washing plant and its water treatment under the same system. With the most advanced control systems on the market, we develop easy-to-learn programs with the possibility of connecting to the Internet and centralized control systems (SCADA, CBTC, MMS, or similar).

If sufficient space is available, equivalent to the length of the train, mobile washing plants are the ideal solution for high quality washing. In their design, we take into account the model of the train and its washing areas (cabins, sides, shoulders, skirts, underframe, roof), the washing programmes, the water recycling system and the degree of automation.

The train remains stationary while two self-propelled semi gantries on each side move longitudinally. Each semiportal is equipped with a nozzle and vertical or horizontal brushes, whose activation per route, in addition to the speed of movement of the Semi gantry, can be programmed individually.

In order to improve the washing efficiency, the direction of rotation of the brushes is opposite to the advance of the semi gantries. In addition, recycled water is used to reduce tap water consumption by up to 80%. Rinsing can be carried out with tap water, decalcified or demineralised. The identification of the trains to be washed can be done manually or automatically, by means of RFID recognition system. In this way, the system loads specific washing programs according to the identified train.