Mobile CET System for Toilet Waste Water Suction


The system of extraction and loading of Wc’s developed by Aquafrisch allows the emptying of the tanks of the trains. The system consists of independent extraction stations distributed along the train track.

Each station has its own hoses for extraction, rising and filling the tanks. The extraction is carried out by means of a compressor / depressor and all the sewage is stored in an accumulator tank.

In addition, equipment for cleaning and loading biocides can be designed. The equipment is controlled through touch screens allowing a simple and intuitive operation.

Mobile cet system for toilet waste water suction

For greater flexibility, we supply mobile extraction systems, installed on trailers or electric vehicles. Aquafrisch combines steel or GRP tanks with a capacity of up to 2000 litres with vacuum pumps, which allow a great adaptation to the needs of each client.

The extraction is carried out by means of a pneumatic group that generates a vacuum to extract the fluids from the train. This vacuum avoids contact between the pneumatic unit and the extracted fluids. In this system it is enough that the pneumatic group inverts its pressure to empty the storage tank. The rinsing and subsequent refilling of the train cisterns can be included.