In-Tie Dragging Equipment Detector


Protect Your Rolling Stock, Ties, and Track Structures 

The In-Tie Dragging Equipment Detector improves ballast and track conditions at DED locations by eliminating the need for gauge plates, repositioning of ties, and allowing for efficient ballasting and tamping operations around the detector.

Constructed of rugged steel, the Progress Rail In-Tie Dragging Equipment Detectors are self-restoring. The In-Tie DED includes a magnetically activated switch for high reliability. The In-Tie DED detects train derailments and alerts train crews and operations centers to prevent damage to equipment.

Designed to replace one existing wood or concrete crosstie without repositioning any others, the In-Tie DED rail clamp is insulated from the tie to prevent shunting of the rails.

The In-Tie DED is self restoring. A contact closure output is used for alarm indication, and has an adjustable trip point. Paddle draggers detect alarms between and outside the rail. MagAmp position detector is included standard.

Minimize and eliminate anti-racking which leads to longer bearing life. No slip rail clamps eliminate the need for gauge plates at HBD sites. A universal connector tie kit eliminates need for concrete tie kits.