Gap Jumper Lead


The Gap Jumper Lead is used to connect a supply to a stranded (Gapped) Train. This is where a train current collector shoe (pick up shoe) is no longer in connection with the power supply conductor rails.

Gap Jumper Leads (GJ),

LU approved,

Key Features:

The cable connection is made directly to the top of the conduction plate.

  • Positive Shoe          1 x 50mm2 Copper Cable
  • Negative Shoe        1 x 50mm2 Copper Cable
  • Material Micam EM42
  • To assist with correct positioning the Gap Jumper Leads are colour coded Red for positive and Blue for negative.
  • (This is an LUL colour requirement which could be tailored to suit other rail networks)
  • The LCS Gap Jumper Lead design incorporates the following features:
  • A shoe assembly that houses the conduction plate with integral magnets to suit various conductor rails, the cable connection point, cable restraint gland and conductor rail location guides.
  • The conduction plate is made from plated Brass which is plated to provide good corrosion resistance.
  • Connection force and stability assisted by the use of magnets. (Previously only the weight of the shoe with support of the cables by the operator)
  • Magnets are located within the conduction plate to enable the magnetic field to interact with the conductor rail/s
  • An insulated lifting handle is positioned towards the top of the connection shoe to allow easy positioning on the conductor rails.
  • The supply cable enters the shoe assembly horizontally (previously the cable entered via the top of the shoe assembly, hence the need for support by the operator)
  • The design allows the re-use of existing cables.
  • The lift handle allows the removal of the shoe by tilting the assembly to disconnect the magnetic forces. Lift of force 16kgf.
  • The rail guides also serve to provide a barrier by distance to the magnetic field.
  • The Gap Jumper shoe fits all 4 of the Conductor Rail profiles used by London Underground including the composite Stainless Steel / Aluminium rail.
On / Off load Off Load
System Voltage 630V
Normal Current 700A
Peak Current 700A
Length 230mm
Depth 130mm
Height 180mm
Weight 3.9kg