Fixed Train Wash Plants


Fixed washing plants are the ideal solution for fast train availability or if the washing tray has little space. In their design, we take into account the model of the train and its areas to wash (cabins, sides, shoulders, skirts, under frame, roof) washing programs, the water recycling system and the degree of automation.

The train advances through the washing tray. After a first stage of spraying water and detergent, the train is washed with brushes. To improve the efficiency of the washing, the direction of rotation of the brushes is opposite to that of the train. In addition, recycled water is used to reduce tap water consumption by up to 80%. The final stages are rinsing with tap water, decalcified or demineralised. To improve the final appearance of the train, we can include wax dosage in the rinsing stages and a nozzle drying stage.

Thanks to the modular design of our plants, we can program different types of washing, for example, including or not the washing of cabins, roof, shoulders or skirts. The identification of the trains to be washed can be done manually or automatically, by means of RFID recognition system. In this way, the system loads specific washing programs according to the identified train. The washing can be unidirectional or bidirectional.