RailFreight on Tour - The Lithuanian Edition

Event Information

On 14-15 June 2022, RailFreight.com travels to Vilnius, Lithuania, for the first-ever edition of the RailFreight on Tour travelling event concept!

Lithuania is currently among the hot-trending rail freight markets, increasingly attracting more attention. The country’s position in the Baltic region is ideal for creating cargo flows to and from the European mainland, Scandinavia or even the Black Sea region. Moreover, its role in connecting Europe with Russia and further with the Far East, China and the C.I.S countries is not to be overlooked. Can Lithuania become a new rail freight crossroad? What possibilities does it offer for interconnectivity, intermodal traffic and transcontinental links? At The Lithuanian Edition of the RailFreight on Tour, we will dive into these questions and explore Lithuania’s potential for business growth.

RailFreight on Tour is a new event concept from RailFreight.com. As the name already reveals it is a travelling concept organised in different countries and cities, in which we focus on the local developments, challenges and connections to the international rail freight industry. Learn about local opportunities and changes and join our on tour concept!


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