RailTech Europe 2022: Climate change threatens railways

Event RailTech Europe 2022
Organiser RailTech.com & ProMedia Group
Event Date 21.06.2022

The railway sector is coming under increased pressure from climate change. In many countries, railway professionals are therefore drawing up plans for climate adaptation in an effort to make the railways more resilient in the face of extreme weather. That will be one of the talking points during RailTech Europe 2022, the international event for railway professionals that kicks off today in the Netherlands.

Weather services the world over are seeing an increase in extreme weather conditions, ranging from heavy rains to heat waves and periods of excessive drought. This has far-reaching consequences. Last summer, railway traffic in Germany, Belgium and parts of the Netherlands was affected due to flooding, while earlier this year strong subsequent storms also wreaked havoc.

For this reason, the railway sector is doing its part to reduce harmful emissions. For example, many countries and operators are replacing diesel trains while at the same time working to reduce overall energy consumption. These are just some of the themes at this year’s RailTech Europe, which also includes a conference, exhibition and trades fair. The event will last until Thursday, June 23.


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